Improved by 20 STROKES!

" I  have read the blueprint at least 20 times, done most of the recommendations like clock face method, looking at Jim McLellan about 100 times,all the mental stuff etc and have improved my score by some 20 shots and am now a very comfortable boogey golfer. Not bad for a 75 year old and a late starter to the game!"

Professor Erik Änggård
"I shot my first ever sub par round (took a 69 and my club is 70 SSS) - thanks to the Break Par blueprint"

I am extremely proud to be able to tell you that at 50 years of age I have achieved Category 1 standard (5.4 handicap) for the first time in my golfing career.
I would definitely not have achieved this without joining your programme.
I was very sceptical as I have tried numerous methodologies and techniques in the past and always remained stuck to my handicap.
The fact that you had actually been there and distilled your experience into simple but invaluable techniques and tips was one of the keys for me.
I continually tell friends and family who are queuing up to join if you start again. (as will I who now have a new goal of 3!!!)


Alan Wrigley
 “your programme has helped me towards regaining Scratch Pro standard golf.......and have gone from 20 handicap to 10 handicap last year and am now down towards 5 hc...â€

Paul France

“Golf is just so much better when your scorecard at the end shows a score in the 70’s, trust me on that one!â€

“The BreakParBluePrint has helped me improve 4 strokes in as many months and another 4 this year to 10. The combination of practical tips and psychological aspects of the game, as well as the communication with other likeminded people in the program are simply really powerful. I have no doubt that continuing to be part of this ever improving group of golfers will bring my handicap into single figures this year. It puts a genuine purpose into practice sessions, which will bear its fruits out on the course. If you want to improve, raise your game and want to play better, more consistent golf I highly recommend joining. Golf is just so much better when your scorecard at the end shows a score in the 70’s, trust me on that one!â€

Sander Haar, UK __________________________
“I went from shooting 100+ to constantly hitting 90…â€

Just to let you know Break par was an exciting Challenge but also an extremely enjoyable one.

Was good banter between members with stories of highs and lows, ( mostly highs) but perhaps the most beneficial area was some of the techniques used which were simple and effective to bring to the golf course whether in competition or a social game.

I went for usually a 100 plus before the program to constantly hitting 90 and I know it only going to get better. My game is nearly there. My handicap has reduced from 24 last July to 19 just this weekend. Have never played as consistently and have overtaken my close golf companions.
I will bring the things I learned from the program into my golf game indefinitely.

Thanks John and all members of the Break par Blueprint.


Gary Donnelly A.C.A.


“The Break Par Blueprint was more effective than anything I have tried---in 50 years of golf,and I have a bookcase full of books and videos!â€

Let's start with the proven results: handicap at the start 17.8, going to 16.1 then 14.5 and finally 13.6, all in a few short months. 
The dramatic results were due to a combination of factors, which all came out of the programme, each being easily understandable changes in behaviour, that when combined together made the difference in effective results.
 To give one example; I have always struggled to keep a good round going into the back nine, particularly the last few holes. My energy levels were dipping and a few simple changes in eating and drinking spread over the whole round, not just a banana at the 10th tee, helped keep my energy level up.
Then there were the many mental aids, to help groove in good swings, concentration, strategy, confidence etc.
Also, advice on the best teaching and practice techniques, and, of course, some specific tips on the short game, putting and other elements of the game.
I could go on about the many other individual items that were such a help, but another major factor was being part of a mutual help and awareness programme, with others in similar positions sharing experiences and results. We pulled each other along to new levels!
Other golf programmes focus on one particular aspect, usually a change in swing technique, but this multi-dimensional approach was the most effective approach to game improvement I have ever experienced.
I want more--single figure handicap here I come--at the age of 66!

Derek Wilson - UK


“by far the best advice I’ve ever seen.â€
“Having been stuck at a handicap of 19 for the past few years and practicing regularly and watching numerous instructional videos, I was delighted when I came across John’s Blueprint. My initial read of the blueprint got me really excited due to its very logical, simplistic approach – exactly what I had always searched for. I realized that I wasn’t the only one in the world with some of the negative feelings and frustrations that I had and John addresses these very well. Putting the Visualisation, Anchoring and Clear Key concepts into action have really helped my game. However, the short game and putting advice has been by far the best advice I’ve ever seen. The idea of focusing on practicing just one aspect of my game at a time and sticking with it has resulted in great progress for me. I believe that I’m playing much better golf than ever before but my scores haven’t shown that yet but I know for certain I’m improving dramatically. I have come down from 19 to 17 for the first time ever and know that I’ll be a lot lower once I continue to follow the blueprint. The videos on the site are really excellent and very helpful. I would recommend this blueprint to anyone – except my colleagues that I want to win money from in our weekly fourball!!  

Pat, Tipperary, Ireland.


“I've dropped 10 strokes off my average score going from not being able to break 100 to shooting in the low 90'sâ€


I've particularly benefited from the mental approach to the game which i'd previously dismissed as a load of b.s
I've dropped 10 strokes off my average score going from not being able to break 100 to shooting in the low 90's
I truly believe dropping another 10 strokes this year is well within my grasp.
with the break par blueprint, the help of a good pro (and jim mclellan) and some good old fashioned hard work
practicing you WILL improve

Alan Pacey
“20 to 25 strokes off!â€
I cannot recommend the BreakParBlueprint (BPB) highly enough. Before I stumbled across the BPB I was a right hacker taking a minimum of 120 shots to get around 18 holes! However all of that changed in the space of a few months after following John Richardson's BPB booklet and online videos. By focussing on key aspects of the BPB such as visualisation, anchoring, the clear key, and the clockface routine, I now have a routine where some of the mysteries and variables of golf have been removed to give me great confidence before every shot - which is absolutely fundamental to consistently hitting the golf ball better than what I did pre the BPB.

Thanks to John and the BPB I have consistently shaved 20 to 25 shots off my pre BPB score of 120. With plenty more practice I firmly believe I can reduce my average score even more.

Apart from the fact that the BPB will improve your game, I can also guarantee that you will certainly enjoy the whole experience, and fall in love with golf all over again!

Peter (surname withheld by request)

If you're anything like me you have endured the highs and lows of golf.  You've had moments of elation coupled with moments of frustration so strong that you literally feel like crying.

     A few years ago that's exactly what I was like.  I had reached a stage with my golf that I couldn't break 100 and one horrific round showed a score of 110.  At that stage I made a pact with myself - I either give it up all together or go all out to shoot par...

... in just 365 days...

     The story of how I broke par in one year has been well documented throughout the world.  It has become an internet golfing forum phenomenon as well as being featured in nearly every major golfing magazine and the golf sections of the newspapers.  Todays Golfer - the largest circulation golf magazine in the UK - thought the story so incredible that they featured it twice and over a total of six full pages.

My book "Dream On" (inspired by the words of Sam Torrance who spoke to my playing partner about my challenge) has been the number one best selling golf book in the UK for months.  It will be released in the US (and hopefully South Africa) in Spring and we are currently in negotiation with a major fiulm company about the film rights.  

    But "Dream On" is simply the story of the highs and lows of the year... 

     My intention was to chronicle the challenge in a hopefully entertaining fashion that can be enjoyed by golfers and non golfers alike.  It is not a detailed break down of the techniques that I used to take these 33 strokes off...  

     Those techniques are contained in my Break Par Blueprint ebook and video course... 

     I realised that many of the readers of "Dream On" were looking for more information on exactly how I did this feat.  They wanted to know what practice techniques I used, how I learnt my swing and what were the key things that they could apply to their own game.  In short they wanted to apply what I learnt to their OWN game.

     With that in mind last year I put together a 12 module course highlighting exactly what I did to break par.  Absolutely nothing was held back.  I tentatively released the information (at a very high price to discourage "tyre-kickers")  to a select mailing list.  I wanted to see what the results might be.  Really it was a test to see if the techniques that I learnt could work for anyone.

     The results were, to say the least, remarkable.  Many of the people who too part in that original test had huge and almost instant results.  Within seven days one participant HAD TAKEN EIGHT STROKES OFF HIS PREVIOUS BEST!  Others defeated playing partners who had beaten them for years and a handful went on to win their club championships and generally create mayhem in their local clubs. 

    For a variety of personal reasons I've held back the information but am now prepared to release it again.  I discovered that one of the key benefits from the course was my active engagement with the participants.  This requires time on my behalf and with my business coaching and consulting business growing enormously in the past 12 months I wasn't capable of providing this time. 

     But that has changed now and the Break Par Blueprint information and coaching club is ready for release once again - at a price so low I think you'll think it is a miss-print!  

    What exactly is the Break Par Blueprint I hear you ask? (or at least mutter quietly and sceptically to yourself...)

    Well, it's a twelve module video course covering each area of the key skills I learnt.  There's a lot to absorb and it's incredibly important not to try and apply it at once.  You can easily see huge improvements in your golf simply by applying one or two of the modules.  Some of the previous members with the largest improvements did exactly that - they kept it very simple.

     The key thing to be aware of is that I will guide you, as long as you stay a member, through the process to ensure you have success. 

    The twelve training modules break down as follows:

Module One - The "Secret" 

The ultimate secret to getting good at golf, or indeed any sport, is a concept that I used to scoff at.  But during the 12 months this "secret" slowly revealed itself to me in a number of extremely profound ways. 

I found it in a vast amount of different sources too.  Not just from the obvious places that a golfer would look, such as at Tiger Woods, but in an article about a golfer with one arm and one leg who plays scratch golf... he's actually a better golfer now than he was BEFORE his accident!

I came across it again in an article about Donald Trump and, perhaps most notably of all, I had it finally and very strongly reinforced the night before I finally shot par.  I guarantee that if I hadn't grasped this concept properly I simply would not have been able to break par.  It's that important.

If you only pay attention to this one thing thing you'll change your golf forever. 

Module Two - The Basics

The Break Par Blueprint is NOT and never will be a traditional swing instruction course.  There are plenty of great pros out there who can teach you the fundamentals of a swing in a fairly short period of time.

But what I did learn was EXACTLY what was important and what you need to focus on to create a truly replicable swing.  I learnt the Three Simple Basics to focus on which make a world of a difference. 

Module Three - The Strange link between Sam Snead and Rory McIlroy 

I learnt my swing in a very unconventional way.  After a particularly memorable session at the range watching the then 15 year old Rory McIlroy striking balls I discovered that my ball striking was transformed.

This led me on a weird and wonderful journey into the heart of the golf swing learning process.   Along the way I met, buried deep in the heart of Tennessee, the most incredibly eccentric golf pro in the business.  A man who himself learnt his swing from the legendary Sam Snead (owner of arguably the best golf swing all time!)...

Ultimately the techniques I developed for learning the golf swing are, in my ever humble opinion, vastly easier than those which are taught by the majority of golf pros.  Traditional golf pros have their place (I still use them) but the additional techniques that I used will radically speed up your results.  In this module I show you the EXACT video clips (most less than two seconds long!) that I used to help me.

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Module Four - Improvement while lying flat on your back!

One of the most incredible insights I discovered was how to effectively use the mind to improve your golf - even when you're nowhere near the course.  I endlessly studied sports improvement psychology and distilled much of this down into a really simple process that you can apply lying flat on your back!  Or even whilst pretending to enjoy the X-Factor with your family :-)

In this session I also delve into the whole phenomenon of the "pre-shot routine".  I literally spent hours watching the world's best pros at practice days and during tournaments studying how the behaved BEFORE they struck a shot.  There are a few very simple techniques that they ALL use and this process alone will GUARANTEE TO WIPE SHOTS OFF YOUR SCORE and, best of all, are incredibly simple to apply. 

Module Five - Clear Your Mind!

During a particularly difficult part of my challenge I was introduced to yet another enigmatic, aging golfing guru in Tennessee!  This character was one of those frighteningly intelligent people who you struggle to keep pace with in normal conversation.


...a lifetime of study into the minds of golfers has yielded one incredibly simple concept that totally removes any negative thoughts during your swing.  This amazingly simple process is worth its weight in gold if you happen to be one of those golfers who get caught up in swing thoughts or tend to worry about hazards at the top of your backswing. (i.e. 99% of us!)

Module Six - Grooving Swing Changes 

 One of the key lessons to grasp, if you want to get really great at golf, is how to quickly groove a change into your swing.  My technique initially involved hitting up to 600 golf balls in one day.  Serious wrist damage, which threatened to destroy the whole challenge, led me to look for a better solution.

This quite INCREDIBLE technique that I discovered (again from my Tennessee guru [number 2]) took this process down to just 32 balls!  Imagine being able to change your swing in just 32 balls. 

I hit a staggering 35,000 gold balls at the range during the challenge but could have easily halved this number if i'd only known this secret at the beginning. 

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Module Seven - Short Game Tricks

Without a shadow of a doubt there was one area that really helped me break par...

In this section I'll show you exactly how to transform your short game and, perhaps more importantly, how to really enjoy the process.

You do not have to be brilliant at all parts of the game to shoot par (or even break your own personal goals) but without a great short game you're going to struggle.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy these techniques are.

Module Eight - Putting


Putting is the baddie of the golf world.  It's the Hannibal Lecter or Wicked Stepmother that we all love to hate. 

And nobody hated putting more than me.  I foolishly felt that if the great Ben Hogan hated putting then it was okay for me to ignore it too. 

The only problem is that I (and you and indeed every other player alive, including Tiger) don't have Ben Hogan's ball striking skills.   

But after one truly horrific round of golf where I had 40 putts in an overall score of 81 I realised that I would never, ever break par unless I became a decent putter.

I'll teach you three simple techniques that will transform your putting.  And TRUST ME when I say that none of those techniques will involve you standing over the ball for hours practicing.  You may be sceptical (I would be) but like I say - trust me!

Module Nine - A little known trick from Tiger Woods and hypnotists!

"My creative mind is my greatest weapon. It is a kind of inner vision that enables me to see things that others might not, like a certain way to play a shot. The psychology of golf can be complicated as it does entail mental toughness, self-confidence, conquering inner demons, instant recall of past successes and being able to purge failures. It is the game within the game, I developed my mental strength early and I cannot emphasise the importance of you developing yours now!"

Tiger Woods

 Tiger learnt about the mental game at a very young age and, without a shadow of a doubt, this has been of enormous benefit to him.  One stormy night at the range in the middle of winter I stumbled across a concept that ultimately turned out to be very similar to something Tiger does.

This technique is THE most effective way to transfer your range play to the course bar none! 

It has the power to stop a bad round in it's tracks.

It can keep you calm and confident in your own abilities (even if you're striking the ball badly on that day) when the pressure is huge. 

I think you'll enjoy this section enormously. 

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Module Ten - A crafty trick that I learnt from Bruce Leitzke

This technique requires a little bit of work (hey they can't all be five second techniques - this is real life after all! :-)  ) but is incredibly powerful.  It was taught to a touring professional friend of mine by 11 time PGA winner Bruce Leitzke.

Bruce thinks a little differently about his golf and this technique will show you exactly why some of the great guys seem to play certain holes in a way that you or I can't comprehend.

A very, very powerful lesson.  And a crucial way to help your scoring.

Module Eleven - Course and Self- Management

This section covers all the harsh (and in certain cases humiliating) lessons that I learnt during the year about scoring.  I was lucky enough to play alongside an extremely competitive and experienced match play specialist who taught me endless ways to string a good result out of a tricky course.

The techniques in this section have made huge improvements to previous Break Par Blueprint members.  They have trasnformed their scoring and beaten previously "unbeatable" playing partners with this module alone. 

Module Twelve - Practice Techniques

I make no bones about it I was a practice junkie.  Argaubly in hindsight I possibly practiced too much and played too little but for me all that mattered was the result.  I broke par in 363 days and that was all that mattered.

A huge amount of this came off the back of effective practice. 

Practice does NOT MAKE PERFECT.  Only perfect practice makes perfect and I'll teach you the exact techniques that I used at the range that made the big difference for me.

A little story about my year at the practice range

During my year I practiced almost exclusively at one range.  I was there nearly every evening and lunch time for a full year.  During that time I saw a lot of the same faces and was able to closely monitor the progress of many of the other guys.  I saw Rory McIlroy regularly blast it through the fence at the end of the range and I saw endless hackers grooving horrific slices into their swings.

But there was one guy who practiced almost as hard as I did.  Night after night he slugged away working on his swing and we would nod friendly acknowledgements.  I tended to work in a very solitary fashion at the end of the range because I didn't want to be distrurbed by the "range mates" so I tried not to engage in too much conversation.  Subsequently I never did engage this fellow in any conversation but I always wondered what his goals were.

After I succeeded in my goal to take 33 strokes off in one year I was featured in all the main golf magazines and on television twice so the challenge (and I to an extent) became famous within the golfing community.

I happened to be back up at the range a few months later and the father of the guy who used to practice nearly as much as me engaged me in conversation.  He congratulated me on my success and started to talk about his son. 

During the same period of time and with almost as many golf balls struck his son had reduced his handicap by three strokes.  I took 33 strokes off my control round and he had only consistently improved by three.

The BIG difference lies in the way that we both practiced.  You simply cannot arrive at the range and expect to get better by hitting lots of balls.  My practice was relentlessly focused on improvement but not at the expense of fun.  The Practice Techniques module is ESSENTIAL if you're thinking seriously about improving but also incredibly useful if you only visit the range a few times a year.   

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But that's not all...

I wanted to include two bonuses that I felt were particularly important.  I rant in my book "Dream On" about some of the nonsense that is sold on the internet for very high prices.  These ebooks generally cover two subjects - slicing and extra distance with the drives.

The reason those two subjects sell so well is that 90% of all high handicappers suffer from a slice and "long, booming drives" are the absolute Holy Grail of golfers at all level. 

I was (and still am) no different in this respect.  I suffered badly from a slice in my early days and it is still a characteristic that can creep back into my swing.  Likewise I am acutely aware that my ability to consistently hit the ball 300 yards was a huge factor in my ability to break par. 

Let nobody tell you otherwise - DRIVING IS NOT FOR SHOW!  Hitting a wedge into the green will always help you score better than hitting a 5 iron.  This is an indisputable fact and one that the "putt for dough" merchants seem to forget.

With that in mind the first two bonuses are:

Bonus One - The Slice Cure

This technique with accompanying video is one that I discovered about half way through the challenge (after trying dozens of others) and it is, hands down, the easiest way to cure a slice.  The vast majority of people who slice do so in the same way. 

This technique will cure the vast majority of slices within minutes - and I'm genuinely not exaggerating!

Bonus Two - Twenty Extra Yards

This bonus will teach you - in one minute and twenty two seconds - how to get an extra 20 yards (at least) on your drives. 

Again this was the distillation of all that I read and learnt during the year.  Out of the dozens of books, magazines and videos I discovered that there are two basic things you need to focus on for extra distance.   And they're both incredibly easy to apply.

What not to expect from the Break Par Blueprint...

The Break Par Blueprint Gold Level... 

This level was originally priced (and sold out) at $147.  But I am not pricing it anywhere near that level this time .  I wanted to change things a little and build up the "community" side of things as much as possible and therefore have dramatically reduced the cost. 

For that reason you can now get access to the full site for only $19 initially and then $19 per month for as long as you want to stay in.  There is absolutely nothing to stop you cancelling within the month and simply paying $19 for all this online content. 

You will receive:

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Now perhaps some of you are thinking:

Hmmm, that all sounds great John but...

How can I put this?

What if it's not what you say it is?

Well trust me I completely understand that scepticism.  Don't forget I bought practically every golfing ebook and physical book during my challenge.  I was persuaded by clever words to part with my money for, on occasion, some of the most worthless rubbish that has ever been put to paper.

So... that's why I'm offering my 60 day no quibble, no wriggle guarantee.  If, at any time during the first sixty days, you don't see any benefit you can simply ask for your money back.  But it's better than that.  I don't care if you have seen a huge difference and just don't like the way I speak or even my slightly disturbing (almost stalker-like) worship of Seve Ballesteros.  You will receive your money back for whatever reason you want. 

This is why I use the Clickbank network to sell these products.  They have a 60 day refund policy as standard and this means you are fully protected by their system.  You don't have to go through any awkward justifications to me as to why you don't like the course.  You simply contact them and ask for a refund - simple as that

My priority here is to make this risk-free for you.  I believe my program is brilliant but at this stage you have to take my word for that.  So I'm saying I'll take the risk.  Try it out and if you don't like it for ANY REASON you'll get your money back.

Surely I can't say fairer than that!

Well perhaps I can - if you feel that I've wasted your time with overblown guff and hype then simply drop me an email and...

I will put a ten pound note in an envelope to you. 

Again - no quibbles and no justifications are necessary.  I know precisely how valuable your time is and I also know how much my time was wasted during my challenge by useless advice.  The last thing I want is to have bad relationships with golfers out there.  Life is too short for that.   

Let's Wrap This Up ... 

What I'm offering is the very core of the information that has so far taken me 363 days (plus three years!), 70,000 golf balls, well over 1000 hours and many thousands of pounds to discover. 

And I'm offering it all to you totally risk free for 60 days.

So here's what you have to do:

For The Gold Package Go Here

Stuff You Need To Know

So are you tired of playing golf at the level you're at now or do you want to dream a little and see what you can really do?

I genuinely look forward to seeing your progress in the member's area.


John Richardson

P.S. Please don't forget this is entirely risk free.  You have nothing to lose.  I'm taking all the risk because I'm so confident about my material.

P.P.S. Dont forget that I'm so confident of my material that I'm actually offering to pay you £10 for your time if you don't like it!  If that doesn't convince you I don't know what will!


If you have any queries about the Break Par Blueprint please email me personally at breakparsupport @