Surely the perfect golf swing is the ultimate quest for any golfer? The very thing that we all expect to find at the top of a very high mountain from a strange golfing guru who whispers mystical guff to us.

the perfect golf swing guru

The pursuit of the perfect golf swing is a huge reason why Ben Hogan remains such a compelling character. His seminal book, Five lessons – the modern fundamentals of golf, still sits at or near the top of the golf charts on an almost continual basis. And trust me – I check the golf book charts stats a lot… The writer’s ego is a fragile thing!

Beyond that though there is always the thought that Hogan had found the “secret”. That he had found that little guru at the top of the mountain and in a few whispered words the secret had been transferred across. In our feverish and hopeful little golf minds Hogan had climbed down the mountain and simply applied a perfect golf swing to his game rather than putting it in his book.

That, of course, is nonsense. People talk about his wrist cupping or “supination” as if that’s the answer or the “secret” but clearly this isn’t the case. A golf swing is a combination of so many factors that one simple wrist position can never hope to be close to being the perfect answer. My own “guru at the top of the mountain” was an incredible gentleman by the name of Jim McLellan.

Jim had actually met Hogan but that’s another tale for another day. His story is well documented in my book and will also be in the movie but in essence this is what Jim taught me.

The Key To The Perfect Golf Swing

1. Keep it simple. Stop thinking about endless positions and angles at each stage.
2. Keep your hands high at the top of the back swing and the same at follow through.
3. Keep your head still
4. Practice a massive amount without hitting a ball in front of a mirror and keep comparing it to the perfect golf swing (or as close as it’s possible to find one) and his is as good as you might expect.
With that said it’s vital that you get yourself in position correctly to begin with. That means grip, alignment, stance and ball position should all be perfect. But if you can get these fundamentals right the actual swing shouldn’t be too hard.

Here’s The Perfect Golf Swing From Ben Hogan, showing how simple it can and it should be:

And here’s Jim’s swing:

So here’s exactly how I created  “the perfect golf swing…

I downloaded the video of Jim’s swing and then spent hours and hours and hours (and then a few more) watching it and deeply, intensely imagining that it wasn’t Jim swinging – it was me. I spent time learning an NLP process called modelling and used it to imagine every detail of me being Jim.

I heard the trees rustling, felt the breeze and sensed the weight of his hat on my head. I had the video on my phone, on my computer on a loop and edited a version which ran at lower speed. At every available opportunity I had Jim’s swing playing.

And then I simply stood in my back garden and swung the club as much as I could EXACTLY the same way Jim did. I’d then record my swing and see how close it looked to Jim’s perfect golf swing.

What I didn’t do was analyse where my hands should be and treat it like an engineering exercise.

That would always muddle my mind.

In the Break Par Blueprint we go into more detail of modelling and Jim’s technique as well as show other swings that you can model, based on your own preference, but it essence that’s the technique right there.

1. Get your fundamentals right in terms of grip, stance, alignment and ball position.

2. Watch “the perfect golf swing” a LOT

3. Swing like that perfect swing and compare via video

4. Take it to the course…

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