Over the last five years the Break Par Blueprint  has dramatically helped thousands of golfers of all abilities improve their game and has created affiliate income approaching half a million dollars.

But this year, to coincide with the filming of John’s book Dream On and the subsequent release of the film next spring, we have completely rebuilt the website/brand and marketing funnels to greatly increase the value both to customers and affiliates. Dream On continues to sell extremely well in the UK, US and Germany and the Spanish language version is about to be released.  John has had major coverage in all the major golf magazines (including six pages in Today’s Golfer and two pages in Golf Digest) so his credibility and unique story makes this a very attractive proposition to promote.  Although John offers slice cure and a “twenty extra yards off the tee” modules within the Break Par Blueprint this is not the core story.  Ultimately it’s all about engaging golfers with a unique “rags to riches” amateur golfer story that they can but into and which results in average time within the membership site of approximately two years.

And since this is a recurring payment module for the affiliate it means you can share in 51% of the sales revenue throughout the life of the customer.

With over 30 million Golfers in the USA alone, the market is hungry for a unique golf product which helps golfers with their overall game not just the standard swing secrets they are tired of seeing. Golfers have both the desire and money to buy the proven quality golf instruction program “The Break Par Blueprint”.

What makes us different from most golf publishers is that we are a team of seven full time staff who are working around the clock, testing every part of our sales, ensuring our affiliates get the best return on investment.  Every week we meticulously analyse our marketing efforts in intricate detail to ensure we maximise sales as well as adding consistent value to the customer. We have worked with several large affiliates in the past who can vouch for the $100,000’s of dollars our product has created for them.

The Break Par Blueprints Average Commission Of $176.26 When Last Promoted On Clickbank


  • 51% Commissions on all sales and rebills
  • Average Customer Value of $150+
  • Over 100 high converting nurture emails, ensuring at least 5% of our leads buy.
  • Affiliate Centre providing access to 100s of pieces of unique written content, 100+ videos, banners & logos all designed to help our affiliates convert traffic.
  • Opt In pages provided with an average opt in rate of over 30%
  • 60 Day Cookie Period
  • Affiliate leads are tracked for the entire lifecycle of the customer ensuring 100% revenue is put back in your pocket.
  • Access to 100s of testimonials from around the world

The EPC For Break Par Blueprint is currently : $2.19 ($219 per 100)

To apply to become an affiliate please email: affiliate@breakparblueprint.com We look forward to working together